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Caps and Coils was founded by a group of auto-mobile enthusiasts who had grown up around auto-mobiles. Like all auto-mobile enthusiasts, the founders of Caps and Coils are passionate about their cars, motorbikes, and trucks. 

They are passionate enough about them that they spent a considerable amount of time making them unique. In their quest to do so, they have procured unique parts and have noted how difficult it is to look for the specific parts that they want because most are usually not sold under the same roof. 

At the same time, they have noted how some auto-mobile owners do not bring their cars back to the auto-houses for periodic maintenance. While some do so because they have their own arrangements with independent car maintenance shops, most do not because they are not aware of the need to do so. 

From there sprang the goal of Caps and Coils to educate auto-mobile owners that periodic maintenance of their vehicle is necessary to not only maintain the performance of their machines, but also to stave them off from an early metallic grave. 

The objective of Caps and Coils is to bring the auto-mobile parts that people may need under one roof so that those who would look for them would not have to go through all auto-mobile shops all around the country. 

By providing these parts under one roof, it is the hope of the men and women of Caps and Coils that ordinary people would also enjoy their auto-mobiles the way that they do.  

Caps and Coils is run by a dedicated group of men and women who only want the best for their customers and their auto-mobiles, and though they would express strong opinions about the choices that an auto-mobile owner would make for his or her vehicle, please be assured that they do so only because they want the best for you and your vehicle.